SimplyHealed, healed my cataracts?!

I am excited!  I have worn eyeglasses for 49 years, since I was 9 years old.  Each year my eyes got worse so stronger eyeglass prescriptions were needed.  I was diagnosed with two cataracts, at age 58.  One cataract was an aggressive growth type.  My Optometrist told me it would need to be removed within six months.  I decided to “work” on my eyes and see if I was able to “heal’ them.  I began using a high grade of colloidal silver in my eyes daily.  I also did a SimplyHealed emotional release regarding my eyes, the cataracts and vision challenges.  Today I met with the Optometrist.  He did a thorough exam on my eyes, including dilating them.  He was amazed!  The cataracts in both eyes are very tiny now.  My eyes looked very well.  For the first time in 49 years my prescription was BETTER, because my eyesight actually improved!  My doctor was thrilled and suggested I continue to eat healthy and drink plenty of water.  I told him about the colloidal silver drops and the SimplyHealed emotional release session.  He was amazed.  I will continue using the colloidal silver drops daily, as well as apply Frankincense and Lavender essential oils around my eyes(not in them).  Also, I will do another SimplyHealed session again.  Stay tuned in…. let’s see how my eyes continue to heal.

I received the following text about 10:00am -“Can you see what’s going on with me? I have a migraine that’s the worst I ever had and had it since yesterday afternoon. I don’t know if it’s food related or what.. I began running energy on her for about 15 minutes, and received a text at 10:30. “Well I don’t know what you did but it’s not my whole left side anymore but only in the back of my eyes.” 10 minutes more of running energy on her…”Still some sensitivity behind the eye but at least I can handle light. I haven’t been able to handle light since yesterday afternoon. Thank you very much.” Distance healing works!

      – Rachel C.

“Alright, work your magic on me please. I’ve been fighting a cold since Sunday but today is the worst with pounding headache and feels like a sinus infection.” Less than 30 minutes of me running energy at a distance and; “My headache is gone. I’ll tell you that!. ” Distance healing works!

      – Trent P.

“I have been having some neck pain recently and today it’s a bit more annoying than usual. Is there anything you can do?” After working on my client for about 20 minutes, while riding in my car and not with the client, he sent this text; “It’s gone! Wonderful! Thank you so much! Distance healing works!

      – Jared C.

“I just had to say thank you again for being a part of my life.  I can’t imagine where I’d be at right now without your help.  You are truly amazing and have a gift for what you do.  I wanted to also tell you that my kids LOVE the brushings.  My son asks for it EVERY night!!  Even tho I already had planned on doing it every night!  Mom…you have to do that thing remember?? as he puts his hands on his head!  Saturday he had a BAD morning and was just upset about anything and everything.  He ended up having to be in timeout and was just angry and upset.  I had him come over to me and I did the brushing on him, his whole attitude and demeanor changed and we never had another problem for the rest of the day.  My daughter was sick on Wednesday, fever all day and congested and everything.  Wednesday night is when I first started doing the brushings, she says that the brushing (and we did oils of course all day) was what helped her get better so fast.  She was totally fine the next day, just tired!  Anyway, I just had to share these experiences with you and I’m so glad you had me start doing brushings.  Every time I finish a brushing I give them a BIG hug too.  Thanks again.

      – Anissa C.

“Just wanted you to know I loved your session when you worked on me. My foot does feel better and I walk on it more comfortably. I also want you to know that since our session, I have been able to let go of eating to stuff myself because of an emotional need. I have been meditating and giving forgiveness… and I just don’t need her approval anymore. That is a Big WOW! I have most definitely had a change in my life.

      – Sharon H.”

“Lorrain! Thank you very much for your help. I love your magic energy in your hands!”

      – Marina K.

“I had to cancel my vacation because of the sinus infection. After you worked on me the terrible pain went away, but I still had to work through the illness leaving my system. Thank you so much.

      – Susan K.

“Lorrain is a blessing in my life. I believe that we don’t meet people by accident, they are meant to cross our path for a reason. Lorrain was definitely meant to cross my path. She has a very special gift for healing with energy. She takes the time to really listen, pray, study and explore the best methods for healing on a very personal level. I can tell that she really cares about me and I leave each session feeling so much better! I look forward to my sessions and highly recommend her emotional release therapy!”

     – Jamie A.

“My 3 month old baby had a hard time falling asleep for naps and staying asleep. Once I finally got her to sleep, she would often wake up 5 to 15 minutes later and be wide awake ready to play. Lorrain worked on her and that night she slept through the night – which she had never done before- and took a 3 1/2 hour nap the following morning. I have a much happier baby and I am one happy mama! She is sleeping so much better! Thank you Lorrain! You are so wonderful! Thank you again!”

      – Melanie M.

“Lorrain I don’t completely understand how this works but IT DOES WORK!!! Thank you so much! Nine months of pain, misery and a lot of Dr visits without relief—one visit with you and I felt so much better it was like getting my life back!!! Thank you. I will be seeing you again.”

      – Jen W.

I just wanted to say thank you for the work you do…You are amazing and I appreciate the help you have given to me…I seriously wonder if I’d even be around if it wasn’t for you…Thank you so much!!

      – Anissa C.

“I have been very pleased with results from the Quantum Touch! It’s easy for me to recommend you to friends and family.”

      – Connie R.