SimplyAlign® Emotional Release

Every thought I think is creating my future. 

We reap what we sow.

 As a man thinketh so is he. 

We receive back what we give.

It is believed that approximately 85% of illness, disease and pain has an emotional basis. As I work with clients, I believe it’s much higher!

Blending the art of healing with cutting-edge research, The Carolyn Cooper SimplyAlign Method®, formerly known as SimplyHealed, is a powerful method of healing that clears negative emotions on a mental, emotional, and physical level in an easy, non-invasive way.  It is simple, proven and effective!  It can release stress of any kind whether it is years of abuse or daily things that tend to overwhelm our emotional circuitry.

During a session, SimplyAlign™ can clear MANY issues (not just one or two) in a graceful, way.  Many energy healing modalities work only with Chakras, Auras, or Meridians, but SimplyAlign™ tunes up with ALL 7 Energy Systems of the body.

In addition, through the SimplyAlign™ method, flaws in the energetic DNA can be quickly located and repaired, some of which have been in the lineage for many generations.  Depression, phobias, addictions, fears, ill-health, even money problems are just a few of the issues that get passed down through the genetic code.  With SimplyAlign™ we can trace it back to its origin and clear it for our lineage and ourselves.

This powerful way of healing helps people heal from past or current traumas without having to re-traumatize them or spend years coming to terms with their painful and challenging past by changing energy patterns as well as subconscious beliefs.  Clients report profound  and life-changing results!

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How did others benefit from SimplyAlign sessions with Lorrain Powell?

MOTION SICKNESS – So I came to Lorrain to deal with Car sickness. I have struggled with it my whole life. When I was a kid I would get so sick that I remember 3 very distinct memories of throwing up in the car. It didn’t affect me to much emotionally until I became a teenager. I wanted to travel with my brother but hated the feeling of being trapped in a car knowing I would just get sicker and sicker and there was no turning back. Then in my early 20’s I when on a trip to London and Paris with my husband. It should have been the trip of a life time!!! But instead I was so sick and was starting to develop anxiety about being sick all the time for 3 weeks. When I came home, the emotional distress took a turn for the worse and I started to have panic attacks about getting into a car. It took me 2 months before I could get back into a vehicle and 1 year before I left the state to visit a relative. Feeling out of control in a car was my biggest trigger for my anxiety. But I felt there was no hope. 

I did start taking an emotional health program and that helped me feel like I had a little more control over my thoughts and life, but I was still getting car sick and it took an enormous amount of mental energy to keep my mind where it needed to be while I was in a car. I’m sad to say 2/3 times, my car sickness got the best of me and I would loose the battle over my mind and have panic attacks during long trips (3-4 hr car rides).  I changed my diet dramatically to almost a raw vegan life style, and totally Raw during car rides. (Disclaimer: I’m not saying I am anywhere near perfect, but I’m just trying to state, I was making some serious efforts!)  But I felt hopeless to ever get over carsickness. I was led to Lorrain Powell by a friend. Not necessarily for car sickness, but my friend told my some of her experiences and I was intrigued. I had a sibling getting married out of state, and I had been feeling panicky about traveling for almost a week when I made an appointment with Lorrain. She did SimplyHealed on me for my motion sickness. I’ll admit, I tried hard to have faith but was also being stared in the face with years of car sickness. I thought “Even if it doesn’t fix this, I don’t think it could hurt”     Preparing for the trip, I took every precaution except for drugs. I rubbed DoTerra DiGest and Ginger on my tummy, Bergamont on my wrist. I took Rescue Remedy before we left, and chewed the mintiest gum I could find. I even wore a Sea Band on my wrist.     Normally, none of this would have any effect, but my tummy felt totally at ease on the way up. (Which was unheard of). Then when we were there, I felt so fine, that I actually made plans to do things other then just go to the wedding and then back to where we were staying for the rest of the time. We visited a couple of shops, and went to the aquarium, and a few other places. (During this time, I wasn’t using anything to prevent motion sickness) And I was fine. On the way home, we drove through a little snow storm. By this point I was so surprised at how at ease my body felt, that I’ll admit, I started testing the waters a little bit. I never eat fast food when traveling, and we stopped and got some food then ate it While DRIVING!!! I was totally fine! THEN I Pulled out my phone and started playing on it just to see if that would make a differents, and after about 15 min, I had to conclude that I didn’t remember the last time I felt like a normal person in a car. I couldn’t relate to people who said they never got motion sickness. But it was great!! I can’t thank Lorrain enough. It has been about a week since the wedding and I have been all around our town and have had no problems since. Mind Blown!!!  – Maylee H.

ACCIDENTS AFTER POTTY TRAINING – I had contacted Lorrain for her to check on my 3 year old son.  He had a lot of issues with not sleeping by himself, not wanting to be away from anyone in the family, especially his mom and dad, he wouldn’t talk with anyone whether he knew them or not. He is potty trained but started to have multiple accidents a day. I had a feeling he might have some fears going on.  Since Lorrain worked on him and did a Simply Healed session a few weeks ago, he has completely changed.  He hasn’t had an accident since.  He goes to bed on his own and most nights stay asleep by himself instead of coming in to our bed.  He talks with other people, friends of mine and friends of his.  He seems like a completely different kid…he will even go outside to play by himself and even in the basement, whereas before he wouldn’t do anything like that.  I appreciate Lorrain’s work so much and know she has a gift.  She has blessed our family tremendously.    – Anissa C.

CONTENTMENT – I can’t even begin to tell you how much lighter and content I have been over the course of the last few days. I have noticed a significant shift in my way of thinking and the way I feel physically. I am so hopeful that the things you taught me and the issues we dealt with on my first appointment will just continue to increase my contentment and coping abilities with all that life throws at me. Thank you for sharing your remarkable gift of healing with me. I am already feeling the immense blessings that will come about through this healing process!

PAIN RELEASE – Just wanted to give you some feedback after our session yesterday.  When I woke up yesterday, my entire body was tense and sore and I called my chiropractor to make an appt.  By yesterday evening after our session, the tenseness in my body had eased by about 80% and my joint pain in my knee and hip was almost gone.  Also, this morning I noticed a sense of calm that radiates from my solar plexus.  Believe me, I haven’t experienced that for quite a while!  It was most welcomed to feel a sense of calm instead of the stress and tension I’ve been feeling lately.  Thank you!!  – Nicole B.

DROPPING “BAGGAGE” – I loved the session this week…it really makes me think about who/why I am.  It is like we are in a prison from our formative years and our ancestor’s emotions.  We now need to undo all that baggage!  You are breaking people free!!!   – Millie R.

ALLERGIES – For the first 2 years I moved to Sedona I suffered from the worst experience of allergies ever. My nose was constantly running and the only relief was taking allergy medication which I really didn’t like doing. This would go on for 2-3 months!! It was horrible.  I finally had a session with Lorraine in the middle of an attack, and the next morning I woke up with NO allergies.  I was back to normal. That was 2 seasons ago and still I don’t have any issues any more.  Thank you, Lorrain.   – Vishali S.

BABY NIGHT TERRORS – So, my baby started having issues at night waking up screaming as if someone had hurt her. So, after a few days of her doing that, I texted Lorrain and she worked on her. Without Lorrain even telling me she worked on her, that night she already slept different so I was about to text her the next day and ask if she worked on her, and literally that same day she texted me and told me she had checked her yesterday and there was energy off in her, nothing major. But still in my opinion for her to wake screaming like that which has never happened before there was something not right. Lorrain has helped my baby so much since birth till now with things from rashes to ear aches to waking up screaming and always does everything she can to help. What a blessing she has been in my life and my daughters! Thank you, Lorrain! I really feel energy work/healing has been more than a blessing in my life more than you even know! Thank you for helping me years ago and still today!   – Rachel P.

SCHOOL HELP – You did a simply healed session with me in February of this year and I wanted to let you know about an A-HA moment I had yesterday! During my session you discussed with me a “block” or issue (I don’t remember the exact term) that was generational with math/numbers, at the time I wasn’t sure how this applied to me or my children even though it was explainable because my paternal grandfather came from Mexico and had a language barrier. Fast forward to two weeks after I got back home to Michigan and I met with my middle daughters teacher for conferences and he told me how it was like a light bulb had went off in her mind and math was finally making sense- to the extent that she was now his best math student in the class (she is in a multi age classroom 6-8th and she is in 6th grade!). Then 2 weeks ago we were on vacation for Spring Break in the Smokey Mountains- one afternoon I was on the deck of our cabin with my youngest daughter who is 5 and she was playing with some toys, I was flipping through my phone and I hate to say this but not really paying 100% attention to what she was talking about, but then I realized what she had said and looked at her and asked her to repeat it- she said ” two 6’s and a 4 is 16!” I said “YES!! who taught you that??” and she said “I just know it!”  We spent the next hour and a half with me giving her mini verbal quizzes, two 11’s and a 9, two 13’s and a 6- just random numbers, and she got them ALL right!! I was in disbelief- like I said she is 5 years old!
Yesterday, as I was getting ready for the day it dawned on me what you had said in my session and what you had “cleared” in terms of math. . . I am just in aww!!!. . .and a little astonished ( I’m not sure what word to use because it has really blown my mind!!!)
So thank you for sharing your gift- I am looking forward to more A-HA moments 🙂   –  Marsha D. *update on Marsha’s daughter – she was just moved up a grad in math!*

PEACE – I wanted to write you and say thank you. I will definitely be scheduling another session with you. After I left, the rest of my day, and still now, have just simply had a very peaceful feeling. As you said one session is not going to do everything we need to complete. However still I felt a small difference. I think It is also because I am finally ready to receive this help.  Sorry if I am over sharing or anything, but recently that morning, that exact morning I saw you this week after we had already scheduled and had everything set up for me to see you. I had a best friend call me and decided to use some extremely hurtful words towards me, and decided our friendship was over. I wanted to let you know that, at first, I was allowing some of her words to affect me and my spirit. After seeing you, just ONE time, I went about the rest of my entire day without one doubt in my heart or my mind that I was and always will be a great person.   – Cheyanne S

Why would You want to release any emotions?

Releasing emotions buried deep inside our memories is a healing modality I enjoy doing.  It is believed that approximately 85% of illness and pain has an emotional basis.  As I facilitate and teach others to rid their memories of these unhealthy emotions, I am able to see pain relief, happiness, and light return to their lives.  

I have personally experienced many modalities of emotional release, such as;  prayer and meditation, forgiveness of others and myself, SimplyHealed™, EVOX biofeedback, Bach Flower Remedies, Rapid Eye Movement Therapy,  aromatherapy, Aromatic Integrative Renewal, gem stone therapy, The Emotion Code, GRAF Method of emotional release, Tapas Acupressure Technique and Self-Created Health.   Through these methods of emotional release many people have been able to relieve heavy burdens and feelings that have been buried deep in the subconscious.

As people leave my office I often hear them say, “I feel lighter.”  “I feel more together.”  “I feel so different.”  “I feel happy and alive.”  Feelings buried alive never die but are stored in our body’s computer – the brain.  The trapped negative feelings are unhealthy and serve to dictate our responses to daily living.  By freeing our body of these negative and trapped emotions we are literally freeing ourselves to become who we truly are.

We do not see things as they are,

We see them as we are.

We do not hear things as they are,

We hear them as we are.

The Talmud