Points To Ponder


“EMOTIONS that we have not faced, accepted nor dealt with are stored as repressed emotional energy, waiting for a future time when we can learn from them…Since they are filed in our bodies in places of which our conscious mind is not aware, they keep us reminded of their existence in a variety of negative ways.  They can cause pain, illness, disease and malfunctions on any and all levels – physical, mental, social, emotional and spiritual.” 

      – David Stewart, PhD, Healing Oils of the Bible, 116-117

“The body becomes the battlefield for the war games of the mind.  All the  unresolved thoughts and emotions, the negativity we hold on to, show up in the body and makes us sick.”  

      – Dr. Brian Luke Seaward – Quoted in Molecules of Emotion, page 306, Candace Pert


“Every thought that one permits through his mind leaves its trace.  Thoughts are things.  Our lives are governed a great deal by our thoughts.”

– Teachings of Spencer W. Kimball

“It can be very self-instructive to listen carefully to what we are thinking and what we are saying.  When emotions, judgments and discouragement are allowed to govern our thoughts, our bodies reflect the results.” 

      – Stan Gardner, M.D., “Thinking Ourselves to Better Health,” Meridian Magazine