Upcoming Classes

Healing Salve Classes

Learn to make healing salves for all types of issues in this class.  This is NOT a come and go class.

Class fee is $35.00.

You will receive a huge list of essential oils and their uses as well. We will discuss a large variety of essentials oils and their uses.

You will make the salve and take home a 1 oz jar of salve and a lot of recipes.

It’s a fun and very worthwhile class.

This class will last about 2 hours.

Class is limited to 10 people and will be taught in Gilbert, AZ. 

Misting Sprays Classes

MISTING SPRAYS, how to make them and their amazing uses.

Class fee is 25.00.  This is NOT a come and go class.

There is a $25.00 class fee for this class. You will be thrilled to learn how easy and fun it is to make misting sprays. You will use them everywhere you go! We will learn all about essential oils, their uses and healing abilities in this class. You’ll be given a lot of wonderful formulas to make your own sprays. You’ll also be taking home a personal spray for your use.

This class lasts about 2 hours.