– Listed below are numerous ways to use essential oils. You might be surprised at their versatility.

SMELL FIRST! It takes ½ second for a smell (aroma/odor) to get to the brain.  It takes 9/10 of a second for the sense of pain to get to the brain.  ALWAYS smell the essential oil first.  That way the healing properties of the oils begin working immediately as the brain sends the healing messages throughout the body.  You may put a drop or 2 into the palms of your hand.  Cup your hands around your nose and inhale.  Apply a few drops onto a tissue, handkerchief or cotton ball.  Inhale as needed for desired effect. You may apply a few drops onto the pulse points of your body.  The heat in these points will keep you enjoying the fragrance for quite a while.  Put several drops into a container of hot water and inhale the vapors that rise from the bowl.  You may also make a “tent” by covering your head with a clean towel and leaning over the container of oils and water and inhaling the steam vapors that rise up.  Place 10-12 drops onto the floor of your shower, turn on the hot water (BE CAREFUL NOT TO BURN YOURSELF) and breathe in the steam (similar to a sauna).  With the water at a comfortably warm temperature, get into the shower and continue to breathe in the vapors.

FOOT APPLICATIONWhy do we put the essential oils onto the feet?  This is the most common way to apply the oils to get the fastest response from them. There are 800 pores per square inch on the foot!  The foot also has places on it corresponding to all parts of the body.  These places are called reflexology points.  By placing essential oils onto these reflexology points you will actually be treating the specific area of the body.  When using the foot application, the oils will be bypassing the liver and will not accumulate there.  Within 3-4 minutes, most essential oils will already have moved throughout the body and up to the brain to begin dealing with the problem issues in the body.

IN A BATHAdd 2-10 drops of an essential oil onto some Dead Sea salts, Epsom salts or even onto powdered milk (for a milk bath).  (Always add the essential oils onto a salt or powdered milk. The oils will adhere and mix with the water when added this way.  Otherwise, the oils will be drawn to the sides of the tub.) Then add this to the running bath water.  Depending upon which essential oil you choose to use, this bath will be calming, relaxing, healing, invigorating, sensual or just about anything else you may want.

CLEANING AND DISINFECTINGAdding a few drops of essential oils to the dishwasher, washing machine or into a spray bottle filled with DISTILLED water and your choice of essential oils, you will be killing and disinfecting all types of bacteria and germs.  Some of the favorite essential oils for cleaning and disinfecting would be Lavender, Peppermint, Lemon, Thyme, Orange and Tea Tree.

DIFFUSERA diffuser is a perfect way to get the essential oils into the air to cleanse the environment and purify the air.  It is also an excellent way to help with respiratory difficulties by breathing them in.  A cold-water diffuser is best when using essential oils.  Make your own personal diffuser, to carry with you, by taking a tiny glass container and filling it with Dead Sea salts.  Then add 2-4 drops, depending upon the size of the container, of the desired essential oil.  The salt will absorb the oil.  Open the container and inhale the fragrance as needed for desired effect.

NEAT (directly onto skin) – Many essential oils may be applied directly to the affected part of the body and rubbed/massaged into the skin.  Often times you will LAYER the essential oils by rubbing in 1 oil at a time and waiting a few minutes in between applying the next oil.  This allows each oil the time to travel throughout the body.

MASSAGEMassage is a wonderful way to get the essential oils moving throughout the body.  By choosing specific essential oils you are able to help with pain, relax, calm down, nurture, help with draining blocked lymphatic systems, calm down Charlie horses, etc.  Mixing 3-4 drops of an essential oil with ½-1 tsp Carrier oil will create a custom blend for use in massage.

COMPRESSThere are 3 different types of compresses, hot, warm or cold.

   A HOT compress (pack) is used when a deep penetration of the essential oils is necessary.  You may rub several drops of essential oil directly onto the desired location.  Cover with a hot and damp towel.  Then cover with a dry towel and allow the oils to penetrate for 10-30 minutes.

   A WARM compress would be used for those who have sensitive skin, children or elderly people.  For this type of compress, use comfortably warm water, about 100 degrees.  Add 5-15 drops of essential oil into a container of warm water.  Agitate the water.  Place a washcloth into the water, then wring out.  The oils will attach themselves to the cloth.  Apply the cloth to the desired location, cover with a dry towel and allow the oils to penetrate for the desired time, usually until the cloth becomes cool.

   A COLD compress will be used for issues of inflammation and swelling.  Rub 1-3 drops of essential oil onto the desired location.  Cover the area with a cold damp cloth.  Now cover with an ice pack.  Do this for about 15 minutes at a time to help reduce swelling.

   SPONGE BATH TO REDUCE FEVER – Add 10-12 drops of Eucalyptus radiata to a quart jar of room temperature distilled water.  Shake it up vigorously.  Pour into a bowl, add 1 TB of Dead Sea salt if desired.  Soak a clean washcloth in the mixture and gently apply all over the body of the person with the fever.  This mixture will help quickly reduce the fever.  Take care to watch the person to make sure they aren’t getting chilled.

MISTERSUsing a mister/spray bottle is a wonderful way to get the effects of the essential oils into the air.  Shake the mixture before each use to re-distribute the oils with the water.  You may add essential oils to the water to water your plants, use as an insect repellant, disinfect an area, scent your home/office/room/car, make an antiseptic spray, make a spray for burns/sunburn, a calming spray, monster spray to rid the room/closet/under the bed of monsters, odor remover, etc.  Always use distilled water when mixing with essential oils, for a spray.  There are no chemicals in distilled water, so the oils are able to mix at a cellular level with the “clean” water.


WEAR AS PERFUME/COLOGNEChoose your desired essential oil and put on pulse points of the body and over the heart area.  You have just designed your “personal fragrance” and will also be treating your body with the essential oils at the same time.

PERSONAL PRODUCTSAdd a few drops of essential oil into the non-antibacterial soap by your sinks.  I suggest getting the most pure and unscented soaps for regular use.  Add a few drops of desired essential oil onto your hands, then add your shampoo to your hands and rub into the scalp.

DROPPER BOTTLESUsing a dropper bottle with essential oils is often times easier than using several different types of oils at the same time and layering each oil.  You may blend (mix) several oils at once (ask your essential oils instructor about this) into a dropper bottle and then apply.  Generally you will mix several oils with carrier oil in a dropper bottle.  Then gently roll the bottle between the palms of your hands for 15 seconds.  This will evenly blend all the essential oils.  You won’t need to do this again as the oils will remain blended.