Quantum-Touch Level 2 Workshop


*The $85 discount is ONLY for those paying AT LEAST 21 days in advance of the Level 2 workshop.  Pay by September 4, 2020, for the September 25 and 26, 2020 workshop, and pay $700.00.



You have learned Quantum-Touch Level I and have seen and felt amazing changes as you use the energy to help yourself and others.  Now be prepared to take the advanced Level 2 workshop.  Amazing is truly not the word to describe what you will learn.  Are you ready?  I’m sure you are.

QT Level 2 (QT2) helps us journey beyond the boundaries of who and what we thought we were in ways that we can change, with new skills, new professional tools, new applications and much more.  QT2 is a dynamic and enjoyable workshop full of amazing discovery, power, love and ease of transformation.

This workshop gives Hypnotherapists 12 CE hours.

  1. Discover a New Way to Run Energy
  2. New Abilities
  3. Healing Trauma
  4. Discover Physiological Happines
  5. Open to Greater Intuitive Ability
  6. New Professional Skills and Income for Practitioners
  7. Open Portals to Wisdom
  8. Open to Greater Love
  9. Amazing New Chakra Discoveries
  10. Use Energy with the Law of Attraction
  11. The Quantum-Touch Meditation
  12. Explore and Enter the New Paradigm

You MUST have taken a Level 1 workshop before taking Level 2.  You will need the name and date of the Level 1 instructor you took the workshop from.  


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