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SimplyHealed® Emotional Release

Every thought I think is creating my future.  We reap what we sow.

 As a man thinketh so is he.  We receive back what we give.

 It is believed that approximately 85% of illness and pain has an emotional basis. 

I am a Certified SimplyHealed ® Practitioner


Blending the art of healing with cutting-edge research, The Carolyn Cooper SimplyHealed Method® is a powerful method of healing that clears negative emotions on a mental, emotional, and physical level in an easy, non-invasive way.  It is simple, proven and effective!  It can release stress of any kind whether it is years of abuse or daily things that tend to overwhelm our emotional circuitry.

During a session, SimplyHealed™ can clear MANY issues (not just one or two) in a graceful, way.  Many energy healing modalities work only with Chakras, Auras, or Meridians, but SimplyHealed™ tunes up with ALL 7 Energy Systems of the body.

In addition, through the SimplyHealed™ method, flaws in the energetic DNA can be quickly located and repaired, some of which have been in the lineage for many generations.  Depression, phobias, addictions, fears, ill-health, even money problems are just a few of the issues that get passed down through the genetic code.  With SimplyHealed™ we can trace it back to its origin and clear it for our lineage and ourselves.

This powerful way of healing helps people heal from past or current traumas without having to re-traumatize them or spend years coming to terms with their painful and challenging past by changing energy patterns as well as subconscious beliefs.  Clients report profound  and life-changing results!

Contact me, Lorrain Powell, today for your personal SimplyHealed™ session at my email address, or by 

phone at, 480-695-3341.    These sessions may  be done in person (Gilbert, AZ) or on the phone or Skype.

At there are a variety of items for sale that will help you on your way to becoming healthier and happier.  Among these items are DVDs teaching Tai Chi, muscle testing, basic energy techniques, Finding Your Authentic Self, calming music and more.  You may also sign up for group healing sessions as well as online classes.  I have attached the link below where you will find a wealth of information and products you may order.

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 Why would I want to release my emotions?

Releasing emotions buried deep inside our memories is a healing modality I enjoy doing.  It is believed that approximately 85% of illness and pain has an emotional basis.  As I facilitate and teach others to rid their memories of these unhealthy emotions, I am able to see pain relief, happiness, and light return to their lives.  Using Quantum Touch, along with various emotional release techniques, truly helps the process move along faster and more thoroughly.

I have personally experienced many modalities of emotional release, such as;  prayer and meditation, forgiveness of others and myself, SimplyHealed™,EVOX biofeedback, Bach Flower Remedies, Rapid Eye Movement Therapy,  aromatherapy, Aromatic Integrative Renewal, gem stone therapy, The Emotion Code, GRAF Method of emotional release, Tapas Acupressure Technique and Self-Created Health.   Through these methods of emotional release many people have been able to relieve heavy burdens and feelings that have been buried deep in the subconscious.

As people leave my office I often hear them say, “I feel lighter.”  “I feel more together.”  “I feel so different.”  “I feel happy and alive.”  Feelings buried alive never die but are stored in our body’s computer – the brain.  The trapped negative feelings are unhealthy and serve to dictate our responses to daily living.  By freeing our body of these negative and trapped emotions we are literally freeing ourselves to become who we truly are.

We do not see things as they are,

We see them as we are.

We do not hear things as they are,

We hear them as we are.

The Talmud

Lewis Smedes stated;   “To forgive is to set a prisoner free and then discover that the prisoner was you.”

It is important to realize that letting go of hurt feelings helps YOU.  Some people think that holding onto hurt feelings is a good thing because it punishes those that hurt you.  But in reality it’s just the opposite, it is YOU that is being hurt by holding onto these negative feelings.  Most likely they don’t even know they hurt your feelings and how you are really feeling.  Just because you CHOOSE to suffer doesn’t mean they are suffering right along with you!

 Who can you forgive today?  Is it a family member, a neighbor, a co-worker or yourself?

Dr. Bradley Nelson stated;  “When you free yourself of negative trapped emotions, you will find it easier to choose the positive emotions that will help you to attract what you really want in your life.”

 Focusing on things you DON’T WANT and feeling negatively will either create or perpetuate those same negative problems in your life.  We constantly are radiating our thoughts and feelings, either attracting positive happenings and people or repelling people away from us and attracting negative happenings.  Our thoughts are very powerful and what we think and feel is what we create.

During any given day are your thoughts more positive or negative?  I call myself a realist because I KNOW undesirable things are going to happen!  HA!  Do you dwell on positive things and look for ways to be grateful or do you dwell on challenges and difficulties of life?  Where we place our focus is what we become. Look for the good in everything especially in challenges in your life.

 CHALLENGE FOR TODAY….When a negative, or unpleasant thought, enters your mind push the thought out of your mind by thinking a positive thought.  Think about the beauty of the earth, the love of your life, the feeling you have when you serve another person, the smile of a child, the fragrance of a rose…whatever it might be, just think a positive thought and literally “chase away” a bit of negativity in your life.

THINK POSITIVE AND BE HEALTHY!  Now smile and be grateful.



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