I was born and raised in Arizona but was able to spend my summers in the Berkshire mountains of Massachusetts enjoying the wonders of nature. This experience influenced me to learn natural methods of healing. I enjoy teaching classes to those wishing to empower themselves with knowledge of becoming self-reliant in all aspects of life.

Studying alternative medicine is something I do regularly. I have struggled with many illnesses that I have had to learn how to treat on my own. I share what I learn with others and help them learn to use Nature in helping with health challenges. I am a Certified SimplyHealed™ Practitioner, also a Certified Quantum-Touch Instructor and Level I and II Practitioner, a Certified Aromatherapist and Instructor, certified in Aromatic Integrative Renewal emotional release technique and Chakra Balancing, Aromatic Acupuncture as well as having 35 years of study and hands-on therapy in many modalities in the alternative medicine field. I have a Reiki Level One attunement and have studied in depth and taken classes in Self-Created Health for emotional release, Structural Genetics, Life Skills, Tapas Acupressure Technique, Bach Flower Remedies, nutritional healing, herbal healing and natural health remedies.

I feel we need a compilation of healing methods to help us feel our healthiest. Energy healing has always been one that has helped me the most physically. I am thrilled to be part of SimplyHealed and Quantum-Touch. Using these methods of energy therapy has helped my health tremendously as well as those I  work with. Releasing emotions buried deep inside our memories is another healing modality I enjoy doing. It is believed that approximately 85% of illness and pain has an emotional basis. As I facilitate and teach others to rid their memories of these unhealthy emotions, I am able to see pain relief, happiness, and light return to their lives. Using SimplyHealed and Quantum-Touch, along with various emotional release techniques, essential oils and nutrition truly helps the process move along faster and more thoroughly.